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Sunday, 19 October 2014


On the motorway.....
cars travelling within the law,
cars at speeds to drop a jaw,
dithering drivers slow as hearses,
prompt shaking fists, inaudible curses,
up ahead another pain,
numpty hogging the middle lane,
lorry moves out, no indication,
car horn blares in indignation,
lorry driver not giving a hoot
with a rather dramatic two-finger salute,
white vans opt for the wacky races,
in and out changing places,
in the fast lane, deadly speeds are done
by drivers testing for Formula One,
others on phones chatting away,
eating sandwiches or drinking tay*,
blue lights off to deal with sadness,
fallout from some roadway madness,
it seems that getting from here to there
is something of a danger-dare
for one or two behind the wheel,
pedal to the metal is the only deal.

Some of us are cautious sighers and tutters
justifiably so when you see all the nutters.

*Well, I'm from Northern Ireland and it's my poem!

Friday, 17 October 2014


In the library, fifty years ago.....
in days of olden,
silence was golden,
no subtle tease,
just "quiet please",
that was the rule
and you'd be a fool
to break that rule,
there was nothing cool
about the librarian's wrath,
if you walked the path
of the noisy lout,
you'd be thrown out,
for silence was golden
in days of olden.

In the library, fifty minutes ago.....
in days of gadgets,
operated by fidgets,
hi-tech smart phones,
rock 'n' roll ringtones,
bleeps and chatter,
coffee shop clatter,
gossip and blether
loud as thundery weather,
you forget what peace is
struggling to write your thesis,
try coping with the din
with your earphones in,
pine for days of olden
when silence was golden.

And although most of the library noise is annoying and frightful,
the sound of children enjoying books is really quite delightful.

Thursday, 16 October 2014


A walk in the park today,
looked at what signs say,
dogs on a lead,
some take no heed,
hounds on the loose,
scaring duck and goose,
wanna say "have a care"
but just wouldn't dare,
some owners look tough,
street-fighting rough,
best to stay schtum,
avoid the A&E room,
my nose-bone's intact,
that's a cowardly fact,
rules made to be broken,
no truer word spoken.

I was thinking about penalties,
punishments and fines
as I walked to my car parked
on double-yellow lines.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Every day
we wake up to another scare,
here at home or over there,
destruction, war, disease and death,
NHS on it's dying breath,
sensational, hyped-up rolling news
about fast food and too much booze,
the danger of smoking all those fags,
the Earth under threat from plastic bags,
failing schools, poor exams,
motorways choked by traffic jams,
riots, protests, sit-ins, clashes,
news obsessed with breaking flashes,
celebrities flogging boo-hoo books,
TV obese on bakers and cooks,
tainted banks now trying to be nice
with sugary ads to seduce and entice,
and Lordy how the climate's changed,
the seasons have been rearranged,
the law is indeed an ass
and politicians full of gas,
manifestos overflow with plop,
pledges, promises flip and flop......

it's easy to feel punch-drunk and confused,
as customers and voters we're ever abused,
it's hard to know who to trust
as we carry on to earn our crust.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


I grew up in the farming way
with moo-moo, quack-quack and neigh,
with baa-baa, oink-oink and cluck,
noises, noises all night and day
and sometimes when I was out of luck,
downwind of the horse and cart,
I'd catch the gagging vapour-smell
of a straw-bale-busting Dobbin fart.

(Dobbin - the stallion that could wilt a scallion!)

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Monday, 13 October 2014



I had some friends for dinner
and from the evidence of empty dishes
despite the calorie intake
my friends were quite delicious.

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Friday, 10 October 2014


An eye for an eye mantra handed down from elder to youth,
get your boot in first, your stab, your bullet in the gut,
and more hereditary gifts bequeathed, a tooth for a tooth,
content to keep the faith simmering, feet firmly in the rut,

pointing, blaming, defending every sin, mortal to venial.
Factions finding power in war, peace not worth a toss,
division as lucrative as Judas's silver kiss of betrayal,
a river between them and no bridge to cross.